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The sub urban zoo culture

"Civilization is a crisscross of paradoxes, as are the thoughts that lead cultures to the identity of the social status. Structures, creativity, intelligence and the work of man in history and his evolution compared with genesis of animals. Times and habits that change, signs of a transition which demonstrate that what remains is not always and only the best of us or, at least, not if you look with the eyes of conscience. Nature and man both witnesses of time, both sons of evolution but by force or by natural causes? I think it will always be an interrogative between necessity and virtue. "

(Serafino Rudari)


I believe that man is not completely free until he renounces that which surrounds him, all that cannot be mentally measured by means of indexes or units but that is capable of limiting his emotions. Capable of denying them the possibility of coming together and separating him from his true nature... intense and pure.

(Serafino Rudari)

The fairy tales

I am an illusionist, deceived by my mind which is full of illusions and recipes for my spirits' famine. Good spirits, poor spirits or somewhere in the middle with the sound of phrases falling on deaf ears and the appetite for necessity or maybe many needs necessary to me... or maybe to you. Make it a well-laden table of colours, at any time or moment, and let it always bring something new!

(Serafino Rudari)


In the depths there are traces of memories, still bright yet slightly blurred and they bloom like words in a flowery echo.
Bright and vivid the purplish words creep between the buildings of my structure that is impenetrable and full of acute profiles, a dry accumulation of sporadic gestures signals that my journey now only consists in steps towards the long unexpected wait, perceived with pleasant surprise.
(Serafino Rudari)

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